Tamogi Mushroom

Highly nutritious mushroom “Okuda’s Tamogi”

Tamogi mushroom

Full of Amino Acid
Tamogi mushroom contains plenty of nutrition such as β-glucan, amino acid, etc. Tamogi mushroom is a Japanese mushroom that grows around Hokuriku and Hokkaido during Summer and Fall. Recently, this mushroom has become able to be grown artificially, and we started to grow it with our achivement on mushrooms. Okuda’s Tamogi is far ahead of the others in the quality and the balance of nutrition.

Why need to be smashed with Jet Mill?
Okuda’s Tamogi contains a lot of β-glucan. It is said that the β-glucan we ingest reaches a small intestine without being digested. There are immune cells under the surface of the small intestine, and a part of β-glucan is being assimilated into immune cells through the intestine. The assimilation of β-glucan brisks up the lymphatic function, and boost the immune system. Then, We started to think of making the β-glucan particle smaller to improve assimilation. We made it to smash the particle of Tamogi mushroom into the size of less than the red blood cell with Jet Mill we innovated. It is needless to say how easy to assimilate this microscopic β-glucan.